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Artificial intelligence and  advanced technology have made life easier for almost every individual. Nowadays, technology is widely used in every aspect of life. A great invention of technology is smart locks. A few years back, people used ordinary lockfor protecting their private places and belongings. Thieves can easily break such locks, and in this way, robberies crash ereywhere.

Smart locks are mostly preferred over ordinary locks because such locks provide more security than usual locks. You can enjoy multiple perks by upgrading your ordinary lock system to an innovative one.

The advanced smart locks system comprises an extensive range of software and hardware, including wifi, Bluetooth, fingerprint door locks, and more. If you want to install a smart lock at your place and are looking for a trusted platform for purchasing a smart lock, we suggest you contact Guangzhou Home Shield Guard Co., Ltd.

We are professional, intelligent front door lock suppliers not only in china but all over the world. There are countless reasons to choose Home Shield over other suppliers. Undoubtedly, high experience can make a firm better than a firm with little or no experience. A brief description of advanced door locks is as follows:

Fingerprint door lock:

The name itself defines pretty well that the locks that are accessible via your fingerprints are known as fingerprint door locks. Such locks are advanced ones that scan your biometrics to unlock the door. Such types of locks can also be accessed by passcodes and with a provided physical key. (Note: it depends on model to model)

Bluetooth door lock:

Such types of locks work with the help of Bluetooth of a registered device. Yes, now it is possible to control your security locks with the help of your smartphone. You can lock or unlock the door sitting anywhere within the range of Bluetooth via your registered phone.

With the help of intelligent locks, you can control who can enter as well as who can leave your house. You can grant access to multiple people and track them when they have entered and left the house. With the help of advanced applications, you can monitor remotely and easily control your house’s smart locks.

No doubt, accessibility can be increased without compromising on security. It is a common thing that every house owner often loses their keys. In order to avoid the loss of keys, you can install smart locks that your biometrics or password can access; thus, such locks do not require any physical key to work.

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