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Face video intercom smart lock

  • Model NO.:JD919L
  • Finish: Black/Gold
  • Min order: 1
  • Lead Time: 7-20days
  • Product Origin: Guangzhou, China
  • Door applications: Wooden/security/ copper/stainless steel doors etc

The black technology of craftsmanship


  •  Nanshan Aluminum 6063A aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, withstand 1200℃ high temperature;
  • Surface anodizing treatment, coating 15 wire, hardness 70 degrees, salt spray test 72H, wear-resistant, no black, no foam, no fade, no rust;
  • Shell panel insulation treatment effectively prevents electrostatic breakdown PCBA;


  • 3D.TOF face recognition module, high security, fast response speed;
  • Finger Ann 160 fingerprint head, accurate identification;
  • 1.3 million pixels, 4.3 inches high-definition video intercom, mobile phone remote video monitoring and unlocking;
  • With face recognition, fingerprint unlocking, password, swipe card, mobile phone remote unlocking, temporary virtual password, and essential seven-in-one unlocking function;
  • Every unlocking and alarm mobile APP will receive an accurate push, all-round real-time monitoring;
  • The system is equipped with an anti-turn unlocking function to prevent security risks caused by misturn after going out;
  • Low power consumption design of the whole system, anti-Tesla coil interference open;


  • Anti-knock, vibration technology open design; Anti-clamp design of square rod and mounting screw;
  • Lock core hot flush design, to prevent screwdriver or wire unlocking, C-class butterfly blade lock core;


Technical parameters

Face recognition speed ≤0.5 seconds
Facial recognition rejection rate FAR<0.1% and FRR≤1% at the same time
Misrecognition rate of face recognition ≤0.0001%
Power supply type 7.4V lithium battery (5000mAh)
Alarm voltage 6.9V±0.2V
Quiescent current ≤150uA
Stalled rotor current maximum 4.6A
Number of keys to open the door 100 faces, 100 fingerprints, 100 passwords, and 100 cards
Password length 6-12 digits
Resolution 508DPI
Fingerprint authenticity rate <1.0%
Fingerprint false recognition rate <0.001%
Working temperature -25℃-70℃
Relative humidity 20%RH-93%RH
Cat’s eye LCD screen 4.3 inches true color screen
Cat’s eye camera pixel 130W









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